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No one ever schedules a car accident into their daily plans. When an accident happens, even a minor one, it can disrupt your life. You need a Miami collision repair center that understands your frustration and strives to make the process of repairing your car as easy as possible for you.


At Tropical Collision Center, we’re ready to spring into action from your first call and stay in motion until you’re driving out the parking lot with your repaired car. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for your Miami collision repair center.

Choose a Miami Collision Repair Center that Most Insurance Carriers Prefer

If anything in life could be easier, you’d want it to be your insurance company after an accident. When you choose, Tropical Collision Center for your repairs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that we’re preferred by most insurance carriers and can handle most of the insurance communications for you.

Things seem to go more smoothly when you use a repair shop on your insurance company’s preferred vendors list. Our team has the skills and experience to return your car to its previous state, and your insurance company knows that.

Worry About Paying After Your Car Is Fixed

Depending on your deductible or insurance coverage, you may find yourself struggling to pay for the needed repairs. At Tropical Collision Center, we know that you didn’t have months to plan for this expense. We believe in the idea of repair now and pay later.

We can help you with financing the repairs, so you have the vehicle you need to go to work each day. It’s our goal to provide you with outstanding customer service and helping you finance your repairs is just a small part of it.

Return to the Road More Quickly With Fastlane Repairs at Your Miami Collision Repair Shop

One of the biggest hassles of a car accident is waiting to get your car back even if you have a rental. Driving a rental car isn’t the same as driving your own. We understand your frustration.

To ensure that you get your car back as quickly as possible, we created Fastlane repairs. If your damage is a small to medium job, we can handle the repairs in as little as 24 hours. How’s that for fast?

Onsite Towing Services for Our Geico Auto Body Shop in Miami

While Geico might arrange a towing service, you may need to do it on your own. We want to provide all our clients, especially Geico clients, with an easy button, so we offer an onsite towing service. With a single call, you can hand off all of your car repair needs from towing to rental cars.

Rent a Car Onsite

As if the car accident wasn’t bad enough, you have to arrange for a rental car to use while your vehicle is in the shop. At Tropical Collision Center, we understand your struggle and attempt to make this time as easy as possible for you.

At our Miami collision repair center, we offer an Enterprise car rental location. When you arrive with your car, you can go immediately to make arrangements for the car rental. This makes it easier when your car is ready to go home. You simply bring the rental car back to our location and pick up your own vehicle.

Enjoy Our Tow Services

In many cases, your car is no longer safe to drive after an accident. Maybe there’s mechanical or structural damage, but either way, you don’t want to risk driving it to our shop yourself.

When you call us to arrange for repairs, you can also take advantage of our tow services to bring your car to our Miami collision repair shape. With one call, you take care of two of the largest chores related to your car repair. When you add our onsite car rental location, you know Staples easy button is threatened by all of our benefits.

Count on Our Quality Services

When it comes to your car, you want only the best Miami collision repair shop working on it. We know that you’re looking for quality services and make sure that we offer them. Whether you drive a Ford or a Fiat, our team of ASE-certified technicians has the experience, training, and skill set to return your car to its original state.

We don’t skimp when it comes to repairing your car. When you need your car repainted, you’ll enjoy the quality of Sherwin Williams paint. Our team also uses 3M products, so you know you’re getting quality car repairs.

Help Make a Difference With Our Eco-friendly Processes

At Tropical Collision Center, we know that our customers are working hard to lower their carbon footprint. You separate your recycling and use eco-friendly goods and services.

We care about the environment too, and when you choose our services, you benefit from our eco-friendly processes. We strive to create and maintain as eco-friendly processes as possible. We recycle any item we can from your car and work hard to lower our carbon footprint. Our team always works to remain eco-conscious like our customers.

Know the Stats for Your Geico Body Shop in Miami

Geico doesn’t trust just any collision center with your vehicle. At Tropical Collision Center, we’ve repaired more than 20,000 cars in our 50 repair bays. Our center covers more than 28.000 square feet. With an average repair time of 4.7 days, we can get you back on the road in a flash.

Benefit From Our Lifetime Warranty

You want a company working on your car that knows their work is excellent and backs it with a lifetime warranty. We’re that company. We know that our team has the skill sets needed to repair your car right the first time.

With your repair work, you receive a lifetime warranty on that work. As long as you own the car, if there’s an issue with the work we did, contact us, and we’ll get it fixed. This helps to make you more confident in choosing our Miami collision repair center.