Lease Turn in Prep

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Having a leased car is more cost efficient for many drivers. It comes with great options to choose from at the end of the lease, for example, you can walk away if you want another car, you can buy the vehicle, or you can lease it again. However, just like renting an apartment, when you are ready to turn it in, there will be an inspection. This inspection is to make sure that the vehicle has had no damages since the lease starting date. Now, this is where a lot of drivers tend to lose money. Every lease is different, but the general areas that they look for damage tend to be the same such as dents, tears in the seats or window damage.

Cost of repair will vary by the extent of the damage. Owning a car is a lot of work on its own but unless it becomes a danger to yourself and/or to those around you getting repairs made might not be your top priority. When you lease knowing that the car is not yours, unless you purchase it the end, it should alert you to getting repairs done faster before they become an issue. Manufacturer inspectors are trained to look at every vehicle in detail, and something that may seem small to you may be a significant infraction to them.

Here at Tropical Chevrolet Collision, we go through the particular places that you would need to pay attention:

  • Exterior issues: Are there any major dents or scratches that are not regular wear and tear on a car
  • Window or light issues: Are there any cracked windows or headlights
  • Tire issues: We will check the treads on all tires and determine whether the vehicle pulls to one side or the other while driving
  • Interior issues: Make sure all consoles are in good condition and no residue on seats

A tip from us would be to always keep up with your scheduled maintenance inspection for your vehicle so that you have a record of it just in case you run into mechanical issues in the future. But don’t worry we understand that the days get the better of us and we can’t always make time. But here our technicians are highly skilled and ready to help in inspecting your vehicle. Remember that waiting for the lease turn in date may result in higher charges than what you would normally expect. We pride ourselves in offering you top service at a lower cost!

We work with all vehicle types to offer you the best service and have it ready for turn in day. There is a lot that you may notice that the inspector may overlook but don’t put yourself at risk for an unexpected out of pocket expense. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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