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Have you ever wondered about the difference between a ding and a dent? Most of the time, we refer to a ding in terms of a door ding. This might happen in a parking lot when the person next to you parks a little too close, flings their door open, and “dings” into yours leaving an unsightly, cosmetic marking. A ding is damage that is generally a half inch in diameter or less and doesn’t chip the paint or leave the bare metal exposed to rust.

Anything more significant than half an inch can usually be classified as a dent. Often dents require more extensive metal work and sometimes require entire panels to be replaced. The biggest difference is the size and whether or not the paint was damaged. Dents should be repaired as soon as possible, especially if the metal is visible as this damage could lead to the development of rust which can spread rapidly if not taken care of.

Here at Tropical Collision Center, we provide only the highest quality repairs. After assessing the type of dent your car has and where, we will use the most appropriate tools to make it look as good as new. We understand that you might want to repair it yourself, and it is no secret that after an accident that leaves your car’s aesthetic on the line, you may be considering two options: bust out your toolbox or hire a pro.

However, consider this: this job will require special tools, and even though they aren’t expensive, they require special skills for proper use.
First, you have to pick the proper tool kit, and that’s not always easy for a user who has little clue of correct vehicle care. Some kits can be cheap, but be aware that low prices should raise red flags, and this might be the time you want to be safe and not sorry. Other kits and tools are so expensive that they would probably surpass the price of what it would cost to have the repair professionally done.

We suggest you go directly to the experienced and licensed. At Tropical Collision Repair, we will inspect your dent and figure out what we need to fix it and what procedure would be the quickest and effective. These procedures may change depending on the ding and/or dent. We fix dents with methods such as suction, heat, hammering, as well as paint repair methods and road paint removal. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we can assure you your vehicle will look just like new.

Make the smart choice today and trust your ding and dent repair with us at Tropical Collision Repair!

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