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Our facility is equipped to repair all types of damage, small and large. Our services include ding repair, dent repair, windshield, and auto glass service, repaints, spot repairs, and lease turn-in prep. No matter what damage your car is facing, our highly trained staff is more than equipped to help.

Tropical Collision Repair Miami provides the highest quality repairs to dings and dents. For small dents, our specialized tools are like no other in the hands of our highly trained staff. For slightly larger dents, which are sometimes characterized by their showing the metal of the car, we are capable of making your car look good as new. More than that, we are also able to service windshield and auto glass. Whether the damage your car is facing is from a small crack or a large fracture, our staff is here to help!

When it comes to lease turn-in prep, our staff is here to up for any challenge! Before you return your leased car, we will search and repair any damages, including issues in the exterior, interior, windows, lights, and tires. A small amount of prep today can save for a considerable headache tomorrow. We service every make and model of leased cars, so don’t hesitate to come in.

With 50 service bays and 4 dedicated paint booths, our collision repair facility is custom configured to service all types of projects. For every problem you face with your car, Tropical Collision Repair Miami provides a plethora of solutions. We can service all types of repairs, from small quick fixes to larger projects that may require a lot of time and resources.

Unlike most auto shops, all of our services are under one roof. Where most auto shops will prep your vehicle in their main shop, only to send it elsewhere for painting, and then bring it back to you, resulting in wasted time and dissatisfaction on your end, we have a different approach. Instead of adding extra steps that only exist to waste your time, every repair will occur at this auto shop.

The shop is configured in an assembly line fashion, so projects come through one door, move through a multi-stage process and come out the other end of the shop ready to be washed and prepared for customer delivery. By eliminating the back and forth that other auto body shops endure, we can provide a more accurate estimate of the time it will take to repair your car. We also reduce your costs by making the process more efficient and ensure quality with a lifetime guarantee of our work.

Save yourself the headache of a slow, inefficient auto shop and come to Tropical Collision Repair Miami for all your car repair needs. Schedule your next appointment with us online or simply call (305) 908-5545.